How to Effectively Tweet More without Alienating Followers

By Brooke Tajer on

Twitter can seem like a content free-for-all with the rate information flies through your newsfeed. To stay in the game, it's important that the number of tweets small businesses are sending out into the Twitosphere is enough to catch, and keep , their followers' attention. Check out this list of tips from Small Business Trends to ramp up the volume with Twitter.

  1. Use the right data: Learn what your followers respond to and when you find the right content that works, stick with it.
  2. Don't write off promoted tweets: You will have to shell out some cash but promoted tweets can give your message the boost it needs. Remember, if no one see's your message it's like it never happened.
  3. Don't forget to listen: Take some time to see what your followers respond to and what they gloss right over. Even better, conduct an informal survey or come straight out and ask them what they would like to see.
  4. Engage: Humanize your account by responding and interacting with your followers. Don't make every interaction about you and your business but actually build relationships with followers. This is the best way to turn followers into customers.
  5. Establish a personal tone: A formal account may your thing but consider developing an individualized tone that reflects your business and brand. Build your brand by keeping this tone consistent across your online presences and you'll be easier to remember and connect with.
  6. Timing is Everything: Certain times of the day are better than others to tweet. Utilize scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to make sure your followers are getting your messages at the right time.

A dormant social media account is something to avoid like the plague so be sure to take these tips to heart when you ramp up your Twitter volume. This list was originally posted on Small Business Trends .