How to Build a Stellar Homepage

By Brooke Tajer on

Getting your customers to your webpage is only half of the online battle. If they can't maneuver through a convoluted homepage, it's just as bad as if they never found you at all. A clean, appealing homepage is essential for every business to attract customers and give them all the info they need. Here are five vital components that every home page must have according to Small Business Mama.

  1. Contact info: If this info isn't easily accessible to a customer looking to ask additional questions or make a request, it's not likely they'll spend too much time poking around before moving on to one of your competitors.

  2. Your angle: What's unique about your product or service and why should consumers, with a multitude of options, choose you?

  3. A call to action: Tell the people what you want. Whether you want them to "Call now," "Register now" or "Make their appointment today," make it as easy as possible for them to give you their business.

  4. A subscription form: If you have a mailing list make sure the option to join it is obvious to anyone visiting your site.

  5. A consistent look: Your website should be an extension of your business and brand. All of your online presences should relate to each other with consistent images, color schemes and tone. A loyal customer base will be easier to build if your brand is consistent across all channels.

This post was originally posted on Small Business Mama and can be found here.