How PayAnywhere Can Help Boost Summer Sales

By Brooke Tajer on

With the Fourth of July just days away, PayAnywhere is here to help make this the best summer your business has had yet! There are several ways to put the PayAnywhere mobile point of sale solution to work for your seasonal business this summer. Here are just a few types of businesses that benefit from using the PayAnywhere credit card reader on their smartphones and tablets:

Firework Stands

You know Independence Day is approaching when you see start seeing firework stands pop up in every parking lot. In order to keep sales moving quickly as hoards of kids and the young at heart line up to buy their roman candles and sparklers, you need a credit card transaction solution that can keep up. Enter PayAnywhere! When long lines start forming at the cash register, transaction speed becomes critical. If you need a credit card transaction solution that's fast, PayAnywhere is proven to keep up. Not only that, but because PayAnywhere does not charge a monthly fee or have a monthly minimum, its "pay-as-you-go" pricing model is ideal for seasonal businesses.

Food Vendors

Summer does not just mean BBQs and lying in the sun, it also means festivals, outdoor concerts and events. Food vendors of all sorts, from your basic hot dog and ice cream vendors to your summer beer fest vendor and gourmet food tent, await customers around every corner. Travelling vendors need a credit card solution that's easy to carry, works without wired connectivity and is durable for the rough and tumble environment of quick setup, quick take down and move. But more than durability, PayAnywhere's free analytics tools includes a heat map - a map showing where every transaction was processed. Wouldn't you like to know the exact location where you could make the highest number of sales? PayAnywhere has the tools to show you.

Fill 'Er Up!

All over America, wherever there are lakes, rivers and beaches, boating is a popular summer activity. A few days off, hot weather and a boat provide conditions that are just right for swimming, tubing, water skiing or just relaxing in the sun. If you are dropping the boat in the water for a weekend of fun, the tank must be full and ready to go. Whether you are filling it up for the first run or are coming back to top it off, the convenience of being able to pay with a card while remaining in the boat is incredibly helpful to customers and lessens the liability for dock owners. PayAnywhere lets dockside gas stations and convenience stores provide their customers with an easy credit card payment option that comes right to them, letting attendants swipe a payment card after fill up and move along to the next customer to keep the line moving. While food, drinks and sunscreen are all inventory items that have consistent pricing, gas has a different price nearly every day. PayAnywhere's mobile app lets merchants manage inventory with fixed and variable pricing options. Tap a picture of sunscreen, the number of units being purchased and voila, the sunscreen is added to the bill. Tap a picture of a gas pump and enter in the amount of the sale, and it's added to the bill. Nothing is simpler, nothing is faster and no other mobile point of sale solution gives merchants a better ability to manage inventory and sales than the combination of PayAnywhere's mobile app and online merchant portal.

If you are looking to make the most of this summer for your business, visit to get started and we will get you set up with your free credit card reader and instructions. PayAnywhere wishes you a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend and a long wonderful summer!