How Mobile Payments Can Put a Rise in Your Baking Business

By Brooke Tajer on

The food services industry is demanding, hectic and fast-paced, yet creative, rewarding and lucrative for those with something to bring to the table. The selling of baked goods can be especially challenging, because you end up dealing with high volumes of customers and tons of tiny purchases.

To ensure that things run seamlessly from the baking board to the counter, you must have an efficient means for processing orders of all sizes from a vast array of payment options Ð regardless of whether you run a storefront, stall or outbound delivery service.


When you operate a storefront bakery, you're bound to be hit by stampedes of sweet-toothed customers, particularly during lunchtime, rush hour and weekends. To maximize sales, you must keep your windows and display counters fetchingly bedecked with mouth-watering cakes, pastries, cookies and candies. Furthermore, you will need an efficient means for handling orders of all sizes at your bakery. The PayAnywhere credit card reader allows you to instantly process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

Donut Shops

An even more demanding enterprise is the sale of donuts, due to their popularity as cheap, tasty and energizing hand food. Given the role that donuts play in the daily lives of commuters, donut windows are typically swarmed by vast cross-sections of people Ð from white and blue collar workers to children, teenagers and college students.

Whether your customers purchase donuts individually or by the box-load, you must have a reliable means for tracking and tabulating sales. The PayAnywhere app allows you to digitally track all of your sales with in-app reporting, thereby letting you keep better track of your winning flavors. The PayAnywhere credit card reader is compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

Wedding Catering

Weddings are huge productions, from the trim of the bridal gown to the icing on the cake. Given the symbolic nature of grand, white wedding cakes, catering for such events is serious business. Families lavish huge sums of money into weddings to ensure that the wardrobes, food and entertainment meet everyone's satisfaction.

When catering for a wedding, the amount that you make Ð above and beyond the flat fees Ð can ultimately depend on how much joy you bring to the proceedings. The PayAnywhere app features a multi-choice tipping calculator that you can set to the customer's preference. At many weddings, a blissful bride will have a tip-happy father.