How Mobile Businesses Can Benefit From Accepting Credit Cards

By Brooke Tajer on

Mobile businesses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Perhaps you operate an individual service that offers at-home massage therapy. Or you might be an air conditioning repairman who focuses on home a/c systems. You might own a fleet of pet grooming vans, with several operators that travel all over the city. Or your company might be a medium-size tax accounting firm that operates out of customers' homes and businesses.

Whatever your mobile business does, you can benefit from accepting credit cards with a credit card reader. After all, most consumers of all types of goods and services prefer to pay for their purchases with credit cards these days. While some people still use cash or checks, the trend of using credit cards is still growing and is expected to become an even more popular payment method. This is especially true for large purchases. After all, few customers have several hundred dollars in cash just lying around the house to pay for major home repairs, like a new plumbing line or air conditioning system. And if you operate an antique business that travels from one flea market to another throughout your state, you will have some expensive pieces of furniture that customers will prefer to pay for with credit cards.

Offering credit card payment processing through a mobile payment system makes sense for all types of businesses. But it is particularly important for mobile businesses to take advantage of this type of payment processing. Because it works on cellular phone technology, mobile payment processing frees you from carrying around bulky equipment that requires landline telephone service or electricity. Instead, you'll be able to use your cell phone and a card reader that attaches to it.

When a customer presents his or her credit card for payment at your antique booth, you'll be able to take your cell phone out of your pocket, scan the card, and press a few keys. The credit card will be validated and approved through your merchant services account provider. You'll know right away if there is a problem with the card - before the customer takes off with that expensive antique bureau. You'll also be able to have a receipt emailed directly to the customer. Or you might opt to have a small printer attached to your system that allows you to print a receipt at the time of the sale.

Once the sale is complete, your merchant services provider will process the payment overnight. You will have access to the payment funds the next day. You won't have to wait for a check to clear, nor will you have to wait until you return to your hometown to deposit that check or cash into your bank account. Everything happens quickly and efficiently.

Mobile payment processing is secure, too. Because merchant services providers recognize the need to keep consumers' financial information safe, they have safeguards in place to protect the customer, your business and themselves. And you'll be able to access all the payments you have accumulated, generating reports to help you better understand sales trends in your business.

You can see that there are many ways in which your mobile business can benefit from accepting credit cards through a merchant services provider. Look into setting up your own account today.