Highlights of the PayAnywhere Mobile POS Solution

By Brooke Tajer on

One of our top priorities at PayAnywhere is to make sure our mobile point of sale solution has the features merchants want and need to help run their business with ease. With each new version of the PayAnywhere app we are adding the features and business intelligence you need to better manage your business and cash flow.

Below are just highlights of the many important features PayAnywhere offers:

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing
Unlike many alternative solutions, PayAnywhere does not require a long term commitment. With PayAnywhere you simply pay-as-you-go; you never pay setup, cancellation or monthly fees, and never any hidden fees. PayAnywhere's fees - 2.69% per swiped transaction or 3.49% + $0.19 per keyed transaction - are the lowest in the industry.

Real-Time Transaction Reporting
Immediate reporting of your credit card transaction reports is incredibly helpful. With PayAnywhere, this information is available through just a couple of taps in the app. There is no need to wait until you are at your PC to access sales reports that can be tailored to include just the day, week, month or a specific date range. With our real-time reporting system, credit card and cash payments can be seen and sorted in seconds.

Heat Map
Merchants, are you using PayAnywhere on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Did you know you can see a "heat map" indicating the locations of every transaction recorded by the app? The heat map shows not only the locations of each transaction, but also transaction volume. If you travel often or to varying locations, this feature lets you plan better routes or hone in on specific areas that are proven to be lucrative for your sales.

Professional Receipts
In addition to the email receipt feature which allows you to immediately email a professional, customized and fully branded receipt direct to your customer at time of sale, PayAnywhere for iPhone and iPad also integrates with AirPrint-enabled [] or Star thermal printers. For those merchants who prefer to hand customers paper receipts, this is an incredibly important feature. No need to hand write a receipt after a transaction, just use your PayAnywhere device with a compatible wireless printer and voila, your customized and branded receipt is printed.

Free Merchant Portal
An integral part of the PayAnywhere mobile POS solution is its free online merchant portal that gives you access to business intelligence tools and lets you create customized, detailed reports including batch summaries, monthly statements and settlement reports. PayAnywhere also gives you the option to create custom reports and email alerts.

PayAnywhere is committed to making our mobile point of sale the best business tool it can be. We listen to our customers, and are always working to add more features to our offering. If you think of a feature we should add, drop us a line on Facebook and let us know what you would like to see!

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