Have You Gone Mobile?

By Brooke Tajer on

It's been a little over a month since we officially launched Pay Anywhere!

If you missed it, you can read our press release on the News/Press tab of the website. It'll give you a rundown of who Pay Anywhere is and what we do.

You've heard people talk about "going mobile." Well, we've gone mobile, and understand that the mobile payments landscape is the place to be. As a society, we've become dependent on our smartphones, for better or worse. I'm guilty of always having my iPhone on me - checking texts, e-mails, Facebook, and even paying my credit card bills. It's convenient to be able to have almost everything I need at the palm of my hands. So the introduction of mobile payments is no surprise.

Consumers are used to being able to pay for goods and services with whichever is handy, be that cash or a credit card. Many people carry a credit card on them at all times just in case. Obviously, the merchant [business owner], tries to offer the customer the option of paying however they want. That said, what happens when a business doesn't accept credit cards?

Consider the potential consequences: The credit-card-only customer can't pay and leaves disappointed and empty handed. At the same time, the merchant has just lost a sale and possibly even a customer. Relying on merely cash for profits is to take the chance that every customer encountered is carrying cash. We'll tell you right now - the reality is that not every customer is carrying cash.

For the smaller merchant, accepting credit cards might sound complicated and too much to handle. Merchant accounts, merchant service providers, transaction fees - cash seems easier, right? However, obtaining a merchant account, finding a merchant service provider, and paying transaction fees are pretty simple. More so with Pay Anywhere and North American Bancard.

We'll get into detail as needed. But here's what you really need to know if you're a merchant who is still uncertain about credit card processing, particularly on your smartphone:

  1. You need a Pay Anywhere account to accept credit cards. The account is more formally known as a merchant account.
  2. You'll want someone who can help take care of your merchant account and ensure that your credit card transactions are conducted smoothly. This is where your merchant service provider comes in (Pay Anywhere is powered by North American Bancard, a leader in the credit card processing industry).
  3. Transactions rates and fees are what you are charged per transaction. Pay Anywhere has fixed and low rates.

Pay Anywhere is a mobile payment solution which enables you to take credit card payments using your smartphone. It's likely one of the easiest ways to start processing credit cards since you've already got a smartphone. Get a Pay Anywhere account and download the app and then you'll be all set to start swiping!

Now that we're done talking about ourselves for today, the question is: What do you see yourself using Pay Anywhere for?

And if you haven't had a chance to download the app, please do so. It's free to download and with the "Test Drive" function you can play with Pay Anywhere to see how it works. Then get back to us on what products or services you'd sell with Pay Anywhere!