5 Productivity Tips for the New Year

By Brooke Tajer on

Want to kick off 2014 by being more productive than ever? Follow these productivity tips from and you'll be well on your way to working more efficiently:

1.) Have a Single Purpose Focus - "Pick one thing and do that one thing and only that one thing better than anyone else ever could." - Jason Goldberg, CEO of

2.) Ruthlessly Block Out Distractions - "I concentrate on concentrating." - Martina Navratilova, tennis legend

3.) Set a Strict Time Limit on Meetings - "By giving people half of the time they ask for a meeting or appointment, I am able to cram a number of things in the day and move people in and out more effectively." - Gary E. McCullough, former U.S. Army Captain/CEO of Career Education Corp.

4.) Set Up Productivity Rituals - "Force yourself to prioritize so that you know that you will finish at least that one critical task during the period of the day when you have the most energy and the fewest distractions."

5.) Get Up Earlier - Use the mantra, "mind over mattress" to motivate yourself to get out of bed to pursue your goals.