Farmers Markets Thrive with PayAnywhere

By Brooke Tajer on

Increasingly, people like to know where the food at their family's dining table is coming from. Buying food locally, direct from the farmers who grow and raise it, is one way people can ensure they are getting the freshest products, while supporting the local economy.

With the majority of local food stands and farmers markets being cash-driven businesses, potential sales are often missed when the shopper doesn't have the cash to buy as much as they would like. In fact, if they could put the purchase on their credit card, they might be willing to buy even more.

Enter PayAnywhere. Whether a farmer is selling potatoes to a neighbor down the road or selling hundreds of dollars' worth of organic grass-fed beef at a weekly farmers market, PayAnywhere is an easy solution to ensure no sale is missed. The simple to use PayAnywhere mobile point of sale solution enables growers to accept credit or debit cards with their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone or tablet, or their Blackberry, from wherever they may be selling their wares.

The added convenience and efficiency of checking out with a credit card means customers can pay and be on their way. PayAnywhere even automatically emails them a digital receipt that can be customized by a vendor with a logo and contact information so customers can easily remember which farm they bought those heavenly green beans from and which stand had the honey the whole family loved.

With PayAnywhere, farmers and independent grocers enjoy the lowest transaction fees in the industry - 2.69 percent per swiped transaction, regardless of the card type, and the comfort of knowing there are zero hidden fees that will pop up month to month. So whether business is booming or could be better, PayAnywhere is the best solution to maximize sales and deliver a top notch customer experience.

Mobile payments are already opening doors for vendors of all types and it's easier than ever to increase sales through credit and debit card acceptance. All that farmers need to start taking advantage of cashless transactions is a free PayAnywhere card reader and the free PayAnywhere app, available for download in iTunes and the Android app store.

Farmers and independent food vendors have enough to worry about, but how they are going to get paid shouldn't be one of them. Eliminate the stress of a cashless customer and let PayAnywhere boost your sales in time for next week's farmer's market.