FAQ of the Week: Help! My Credit Card Reader Won't Work

By Brooke Tajer on
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PayAnywhere logoQuestion: What do I do if my card reader or Storefront tablet doesn't work?

Answer: If you ever have issues with your credit card reader or Storefront tablet, we're here to help. Did you know that there is a 12-month limited warranty on your PayAnywhere cardreader? In the even that your reader stop working, or you misplace it, we will send you a replacement reader for an additional fee. To get a replacement, simply call our Technical Support line at 877-387-5640.

If you are having issues with your Storefront tablet, we do allow for one free equipment swap every 12 months on defective equipment. The paid swap fee is $99 plus shipping and handling. The replacement cost for physical damage to a Storefront tablet is $199 plus shipping and handling.

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