Don't Lose Steam This Holiday Season

By Brooke Tajer on
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 The holiday season is a great time for sales, and it can make or break the bottom line for small business. This creates pressure for both the business owner and employees. This, however, does not mean it is time to slow down. While you may need to invest in temporary additional staffing, it is also important to manage the stress that comes with the season. Business owners need to ensure that employees are functioning, healthy and happy. Here are three ways to manage the stress that accompanies the holiday season, courtesy of Horizon Business Funding:

  1. Give daily reminders of team goals. Keep the focus of your employees on the tasks at hand and direct their energy in ways that foster productivity. This can prevent them from having confrontation with one another and wasting time in mediation. Have a countdown to the end of the season and keep your employees updated on progress. This will remind them of their mutual goals.
  2. Reward employees for their performance. Provide on the spot rewards to employees to recognize their successes. They can vary from cash bonuses to days off. You can give the rewards out, or you can allow your employees to reward each other. The peer-to-peer structure can foster better relationships and increase motivation within teams.
  3. Give mental health breaks. Don’t let your employees reach the point of diminishing returns. They can’t sustain high energy for a long time, so reach them before they crash. Give them opportunities to take short breaks to recover, relax and rejuvenate. Breaks are particularly important for employees who have repetitive tasks. Make sure your employees know how many breaks they are entitled to, how long they can be and when it is best to take those breaks. Keep productivity high by allowing time for them to recharge.