Introducing The New PayAnywhere

By Shaun Burke on
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When we launched PayAnywhere back in 2009, we did so with the goal of providing a simple, accessible, and affordable solution for businesses in need of payment processing.

Fast forward to the end of 2016 when it became clear that mobile payments had experienced rapid growth. We noticed that what was once seemingly simple had become complex, leading to a need for us to refocus – to embrace the commerce that connects us.

Now, to better serve you, it’s time for PayAnywhere to evolve.



As we work towards fulfilling our promise to you, we’re starting with the introduction of our new PayAnywhere logo and a refreshed app, as well as a new portal experience at PayAnywhere Inside. You’re seeing the logo now and in the coming weeks you’ll see the rest of the new PayAnywhere when we officially launch Version 5.0!

The new PayAnywhere logo is meant to imply transactional interaction and circular movement, while including subtle elements of data visualization. The center area represents the space where merchants meet their customers in meaningful interaction, which is also where our new tagline “commerce that connects us” originates from. Our trademark orange represents technological innovation, while new shades of gray and black represent established business.

We are refocusing and reinventing ourselves by providing a better user experience that targets serious businesses.

Stay tuned!