Check Out Our Latest PayAnywhere App Update!

By Shaun Burke on
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 We recently updated the PayAnywhere app to version 4.3 and wanted to give you a heads up on what’s changed, specifically the tip and signature process. Don’t worry, you won’t have to read through an entire new instruction manual to understand how it works!

A lot of the feedback we’ve been receiving focuses on the tip and signature process with customers. The new process accommodates accepting EMV payments with the PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Credit Card reader. Using the PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader, you can “dip” your customer’s chip card, then hand your device over for your customer to decide on a tip, sign, and hand back to you. This allows the customer to feel less pressure about giving tips as they navigate through the tip and signature screens.

The new process goes like this:

  1. Set up the sale.
  2. Swipe or let your customer “dip” their card.
  3. Your customer can select a tip amount.
  4. Once your customer signs, they hand the device back to you.
  5. If needed, you can email, text, or print your customer a receipt.

If your customer does not want to tip, he or she can tap “No Tip” and proceed to the signature screen. If you don’t find it necessary to have a tip option, you can easily disable the feature in Settings.

In addition, if you are not using the PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader, you have the option to combine the tip and signature screens or keep them separate. You can adjust this option by heading to Settings -> Enable Tips -> Combine Tip & Signature Screens.

The rest of the app update includes other improvements to supporting EMV transactions. Let us know what you think of the update on our social media pages; we enjoy hearing your feedback!