How Can I Accept Credit Card Payments?

By Brooke Tajer on

You can accept credit card payments. The honest truth: A year ago, I couldn't be bothered with the thought of accepting credit cards. After all, getting set up to accept credit cards is a long and arduous process, right?

To myself from a year ago: Wrong. Being able to accept credit cards isn't as difficult as you think. Sure, it's a process, but it's actually a simple one.

If you've got an iPhone or an Android phone, you are almost ready to start accepting credit card payments! Getting started on mobile payments is pretty painless with Pay Anywhere. Here's what you do:

  1. Apply online or call to get an account with Pay Anywhere. The online process takes about three minutes. You're asked a couple questions about yourself and what you do - nothing too difficult to answer.
  2. Download the Pay Anywhere app from the App Store or Android Market. It's a free download, and you can't go wrong with free!
  3. Once you've been approved for Pay Anywhere, we'll send you a free card reader accessory so you can start swiping! You'll know whether or not you are approved almost instantaneously.