Businesses Heat Up with Heat Maps

By Brooke Tajer on

When you hear that we offer our merchant customers free Heat Maps it may conjure up an image of a medically prescribed back brace or a weather map dedicated to reporting the latest natural disaster. Nope! PayAnywhere's Heat Map is actually a tool that can be used to optimize your business.

The PayAnywhere Heat Map is a two-dimensional representation of a digital map that uses the GPS features built into your mobile phone or tablet to show where you have completed transactions using the PayAnywhere app. The Heat Map gives you an easy to digest visual summary of all your transactions based on both location and volume, represented by colored pins on the map.

There are many ways to display Heat Maps, but they all have one thing in common - they all visually communicate relationships between data values that can be tricky to understand if presented in a numerical spreadsheet or other form of database. PayAnywhere's Heat Maps gives you an efficient way to stay on top of your location-based transaction trends and find all the hot spots needed to boost your sales.

Complete with Google Maps integration, PayAnywhere merchants can view their customized Heat Map displaying real-time data based on their sales directly from the app (iPad and iPhone users for now).

With the sales information presented on the Heat Map merchants like Food Cart vendors can properly map their routes or merchants selling handmade crafts can determine specific areas where their sales activity is heightened, increasing their chances of making a sale and maximizing customer traffic.

The ability to pinpoint sales trends based on location can be a crucial tool for merchants looking to optimize their on-the-go businesses. PayAnywhere's Heat Map is just one more way we give merchants like you all the tools you need to run your business and get paid like a pro.