Build Your Own Business Website

By Brooke Tajer on
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 While many small businesses have their websites built by local developers or agencies, some work to do it themselves. Designers and developers are not inexpensive, and the cost is significantly higher than learning a programming language in order to build the website oneself.

Common design mistakes are related to content and design.

The average small business website has several pages which include about us, contact us, and the sitemap. The copy on your website must make sense to your visitors and be easy to read and understand. It is representative of the attention you are putting into your business and the desire to acquaint potential customers with it.

When creating content, be sure to focus on the calls to action. Every section on every page of your website should encourage visitors to take a specific action. You also need to ensure that your website reflects the atmosphere of your business. The language you use on your website should give visitors insight as to how you operate.

Always place your logo in the header, either in the top left corner or in the center. When a website logo is placed anywhere else on the page, it becomes a distraction for visitors. It is best to follow the standard because it works.

Be sure to get second and third opinions on your overall website design. Ask relatives, friends, and coworkers what they think about your color scheme and layout. You will need to have an idea of how another person will navigate the website and how easy it will be for them when they do not know exactly where everything is placed. Navigation is critical to visitors finding what they are looking for once they get to your website.

Your blog can be more appealing with the addition of photo galleries and online stores. You can also include contact forms to make it easy for people to reach you. Great content will keep visitors coming back to see what else you have to offer. When your content is valuable and you properly use SEO, you will benefit from increased organic search traffic.

If you ever need to work on a page or remove information, remember to replace the content with a coming soon message. This ensures that none of your traffic will arrive at an inactive page. They will be able to see that you are upgrading or updating the page, and have the ability to navigate to another area of your website.

All in all, it is important to post only the best content. It must be finished, polished, and ready for viewing. Ensure that every posts fits into the overall concept of the blog.

You don’t need to hire a web designer to create business site page. By making sure to incorporate the above-mentioned tips, you, the creator of your brand, can also be the creator of your best marketing tactic – your website.