Beware of Beta: iOS 11 Beta Not Compatible With PayAnywhere Software

By Ashley Littles on
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PA_Twitter_Profile.pngThe launch of Apple's iOS 11 beta boasts new features for Apple users that make the software upgrade attractive, including  a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ auto reply feature, Siri voice upgrade, and  Loop and Bounce option for picture taking. But before you get excited and download the beta, you should know your PayAnywhere app is not compatible with this release.

How to Keep Your Business Operating

A major bug that affects PayAnywhere merchants is that the newest iOS beta  version will prohibit you from processing credit cards using the PayAnywhere app if you’re using the software on an iPad or iPhone. What’s standing in the way? Well, a major roadblock is that external app developers are not yet allowed to submit their apps for compatibility testing for a beta release.

According to Apple, once you download Pre-Release Software onto your computer and device, you may be unable to revert to the pre-loaded, commercial release of the Apple software you were using before loading the Pre-Release Software or any earlier release of the Pre-Release Software.

Test driving the new features sounds exciting, but to preserve your ability to process card payments, our recommendation is to forego the software upgrade to iOS 11 beta and continue to operate your devices using iOS 10 until the new version is rolled out publicly.

Protecting Your Other Apps

This latest Apple release has been referred to as the “App-ocalyse” because it will inevitably do away with older versions of apps you may use every day for productivity or in our case payments, not just the games that help you pass the time. If you are already operating on iOS version 10.3, you may have received a warning that certain apps would need to be updated to continue use.  The good folks at TechRadar have a  step-by-step tutorial on how to determine which of your other apps need to be upgraded.

As always, our priority is to keep you informed and to keep your business operating. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by phone, email, or chat for technical and customer service support.