7 Tips to Improve Your Brand

By Brooke Tajer on
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'Brand' in bold redIn today's digital age, it's important for small business owners to pay attention to how their brands are perceived by both their customers, and those who come across their business on the internet. You want to make sure that your business brand is sending the right message to the public.

To help you analyze and improve your brand perception, suggests these seven tips:

1. Fix your first impression.

Make sure your website, social pages, ads and actual store are all clean, organized and up-to-date. A nice, customer friendly experience can go a long way in forming a positive opinion of your store.

2. Promote your values.

Let people know why your business stands out above your competitors. Create a positive message to illustrate your brand's strong points.

3. Manage your online reputation.

This can sometimes be easier said, than done. However, it's important to read how others perceive your business and to make a real effort to improve in the areas where you get negative reviews. Try to flood out any negativity with positive reviews from customers that love your business, or by getting some positive press for the work you and your business do.

4. Advertise human interest stories.

This is a great way to get positive press without having to constantly promote your own business. Give back to your local community and be sure to genuinely care about the work you do.

5. Engage on social media.

Use Facebook and Twitter to do more than just promote your business. Talk to your customers; promote sales and contests; and have fun! Create content that's relevant to your consumer base and easy to share.

6. Be transparent with company information.

Make sure people can see information about who you and your employees are. If customers feel like they know you, they are more likely to trust your brand.

7. Listen to Feedback

Finally, listen to what your customers are saying. If they don't like something, change it. There is always room for improvement, and your customers can provide the best feedback.