7 Technology Tips to Improve Your Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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 Technology plays a major role in every business today, regardless of the business type or size. Follow these tips to ensure your business is taking advantage of the full benefits technology has to offer.

1. Outsource Mundane Tasks. Instead of spending your time and energy completing the usual admin tasks that seem to always pile up, use technology to outsource the tasks to trusted, cost-efficient freelancers and save your valuable time for tasks better suited to the overall success and growth of your business. Outsourcing will not only free up your time, but it will also save you money by not having to hire full-time employees at a greater expense to handle the work that a freelancer is more than capable to handle.

2. Back Up Data. Use technology to safely back up important business data. Instead of storing all of your business’s vital information, such as contracts and financial details, all in one spot, back up the data using a general rule – make at least three copies in two different formats, and make sure to keep one of the copies off-site. If your business currently stores all of the information on one device, imagine the difficulty you would face in having to recover the information if anything were to happen; it should be a risk you are not willing to take.

3. Maintain a Shared Calendar. Having an online calendar that is able to be viewed by all greatly helps a business stay on track. Not only is everyone on the same page, but the automated calendar will even allow you to schedule reminders and alerts as to when certain deadlines are due.

4. Review Your Website Visitor Statistics. In order to better understand why customers are visiting your site but not purchasing your products, check out your website visitor data. The data will show you why they are visiting your site, where they seem to lose interest, and where you need improvement with your site. Reviewing the information will eventually help you improve customer connection and increase sales.

5. Allow the Use of Personal Devices. Some owners may choose to allow and encourage employees to bring their own devices. Not only does the notion decrease office expenses, but it also tends to generate greater productivity. Employees will be able to work from anywhere and at any time, even while out of the office, so employers will experience a heightened work output.

6. Utilize the Cloud. Though there are numerous advantages to the latest cloud technology, perhaps the greatest for businesses is the limitless collaboration aspect. Employees working on a shared project may contribute their ideas, thoughts, and data without even having to be in the same vicinity. The cloud may also come in handy to securely back-up those company files that were mentioned earlier.

7. Automate Your Debtor Follow-Up. With all the matters you must handle in order to ensure the functioning of your business, eliminate the stress of dealing with late payments. By using the automated credit control services available, save your business both time and money by allowing the software to do your chasing and reminding for you. The systems will work with your business’s accounting software to recognize the missed payments from debtors. Email reminders, payment demand letters, and phone calls will then be assigned to the professional credit managers assigned to your business.