7 Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

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 So you’re an entrepreneur looking for a great business idea or you’re just trying to build your business, well here’s a great place to start. Get advice from some of the greatest entrepreneurs about what it takes to start a business. Whether you’re on your lengthy drive to work or filing away papers, these podcasts are a great way to get educated in your spare time:

StartUp. This podcast explains the story of Alex Blumberg’s business from start to… well, now. The familiarities between him and most startups is uncanny. From starting his business walking into a meeting with a billionaire investor and no entrepreneurial experience, Blumberg explains his journey of finding a partner, choosing a name, finding investors, and a whole lot more.

The Pitch. If you’re familiar with and enjoy watching the startup show, Shark Tank, than you’ll love this. The Pitch is the Shark Tank of podcasts and is a great way for investors and entrepreneurs to find each other and even get some feedback and publicity. In this podcast, entrepreneurs enter the stage for a bidding war between potential investors and hope to go home with money to start their business.

Entrepreneurs on Fire. On EOFire, John Lee Dumas interviews a different successful entrepreneur each day of the week. From Seth Godin to Tony Robbins, Dumas digs for stories and tips. As the title suggests, he asks each entrepreneur their worst entrepreneurial moment and what they did to get back on top. At the end of each podcast, there’s a lightning round where entrepreneurs give quick tips, further resources, and actionable advice. Get started listening today and figure out how you could avoid the mistakes these entrepreneurs made.

Smart Passive Income. Pat Flynn, in this podcast, explains how he’s been getting by only working a couple hours a week and still easily making a six-figure salary. Each podcast talks about a different strategy he uses in order to keep himself making podcasts and blogs rather than sitting in the office. With a little smart, passive income, you can find yourself like Pay Flynn, doing the things you enjoy doing almost every day of the week.

Copyblogger Radio. Hosted by Robert Bruce, this podcast ties together the tips that he has been giving for online marketing for some time now. Each week presents a different topic, whether it be on social media, content marketing, or even SEO. Along with this blog, Bruce covers internet marketing in his 20-part course and email newsletter called “Internet Marketing for Smart People”.

Eventual Millionaire. In this podcast, Jaime Masters finds the people who are not only are on track to be millionaires, but do what they love. Jaime, after having a six-figure job and being $70,000 in debt, decided to quit her desk job to find work that she loves. Although she is not a millionaire herself, she does enjoy sharing the strategies and stories of the millionaires she meets.

All In: Elevating Your Leadership Game. Managing your staff is no easy task, and this podcast, hosted by Alicia Dunams, helps people build their business on the public relations level. This podcast not only has some huge names in business, but also utilizes these stories for you to follow a similar path to being successful.

All of these podcasts are quite diverse and will help you in all aspects of business. Learn from others’ mistakes and get on the right track to building your business. Sit down and listen to each of these podcasts and figure out which is the most helpful for you and your business!

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