5 Ways to Promote PayPal Offers and Your Small Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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 If you use a PayAnywhere Storefront device at your business, your customers should be receiving a $10 offer coupon from PayPal to use in your store. To make the most of this PayPal offer, you can promote it on social media using these 5 tips:

1. Use the hashtag #paypalit on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Using #paypalit will increase visibility of your posts to all consumers who follow PayPal, broadening your audience and reaching new potential customers.

2. Highlight your popular items and mention the PayPal offer.

Entice your customers to come in to your store by posting about a popular or featured item, and reminding them of the $10 coupon they can use to put towards the purchase.

3. Use an image in your social posts about the PayPal offer.

Photos help posts stand out on social channels, and also help customers recognize your store and the items you sell.

4. Add a link to your website in all posts.

If you post about the PayPal offer, don’t forget to link to your business’s website. Driving traffic to your site can help bring in customers you might not reach otherwise.

5. Have fun!

It’s important to have a voice on social media and engage with your customers in a professional, but fun manner. So get creative and help bring customers to your store.

Learn more about your PayPal offer, here.