5 Ways to Make EMV Transactions Easier for Your Customers

By Ashley Littles on
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EMV chipIf your business is already using EMV transactions, you’ve probably heard at least a few grumblings from customers. While the majority of consumers have chip cards, there are plenty of businesses that — for various reasons — still haven’t complied with the credit card industry’s mandate to accept them. That leaves confused customers wondering if they should swipe, insert or just hand their card over to the cashier.

Because the process isn’t yet ubiquitous, many customers don’t understand why that chip makes such a big difference in protecting them and get annoyed when it doesn’t work as seamlessly as expected. So if you do choose to accept credit cards at your business, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers.

Here’s how can you help them see the benefit, or at the very least not feel so hassled when they’re asked to dip that EMV chip card.


Alerting people up front about what to expect can go a long way toward alleviating frustration when they go to check out. If they know upon entering the store or while standing in line that you do use EMV technology, they can prepare.

Educate Staff

Make sure all staff knows why the cards are beneficial to consumers (significant elimination of credit card fraud has already been reported by Visa and Mastercard since last October, thanks to EMV chips) and can clearly communicate those benefits to customers. They’re the front line and are going to be hearing any complaints about their use, so they need to be prepared with information to assure customers it’s in their best interest.

Walk customers through the process

Have employees ask them right away if they’re using the chip card, and instruct them to swipe if the answer is no. Remind them to leave the card in until they’re prompted to remove it, and make sure they remove their card. These small helpful words can make the process go a lot more smoothly and eliminate the need for starting over.

Consider expedited technology

Both Visa and Mastercard have introduced software upgrades to speed up EMV transactions that are worth exploring to see if they make sense for your business. The faster everyone gets through the checkout line, the happier everyone is.

Patience, please

Finally, it’s simple, but just remind everyone on staff to be patient. While EMV transactions will likely feel like old hat soon, getting there will take some patience. A friendly smile and some kind words can go a long way to making the process easier for your customers.