5 Tips for Using Facebook to Market Your Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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Facebook marketing for businessWhen it comes to marketing your business, social media – in this case Facebook – can go a long way. In fact, 41% of B2B companies and 62% of B2C companies have gained a customer through the use of Facebook. If used correctly, Facebook can expose your business to countless new customers, thus increasing your business’s productivity and revenue. The following are five tips to make sure that you are making the most of your business’s presence on Facebook.

1. Goals for Every Post. Every post should have a goal behind it. If it doesn't, then what is the point of posting? There are three main post types for businesses; 1) status updates, which lead to comments and interaction with customers, 2) links, which generate click-throughs, and 3) the use of photos and videos, which brings likes and shares. Before posting, determine which of the three avenues are you attempting to pursue, and then ask yourself, how many people am I hoping to reach with this post? Who do I actually want to see this? What do I want them to do with this information? Once you can successfully answer the questions, you know your post will be worth its while.

2. Grow Your Audience. One of the best ways to expand your outreach on your Facebook site is to ask friends, family, and existing customers to like your page and share it with their own circles. You can keep growing your audience through your posts, blogs, and newsletters. As long as you don’t over-post and annoy your customers but, instead, provide them with interesting information and topics, they will be more than happy to share your posts. You can also use the various social plugins made available by Facebook, including the Like Button or Like Box, which allow you to bring in fans to your business page without having to go over to your own personal Facebook page.

3. Include Call-to-Actions. Make sure to add CTAs onto your Facebook page to direct customers to your business website, or even the checkout section of your webpage. Grant customers the instructions they may be seeking by making it extremely easy for them to purchase your featured products or services with just one click from your Facebook page. The easier it is for them to buy your items, the more likely the chances that they will.

4. Stay Consistent with Slogans. In order to avoid confusing your customers, ensure that your value proposition message is the same on your Facebook page as it is on your actual business website. Your value proposition, which should include how you solve problems and the benefits you offer, is what sets you apart from your competitors. So make sure to stay consistent with your message so that your customers know that the Facebook page they are viewing does indeed belong to your business. The greater the clarity, the greater the productivity.

5. Use Facebook Insights. Facebook offers Insights, an internal analytics tool that helps you track and measure the performance of your Facebook page. The feature grants you an entire overview of your page’s status, including the number of page likes, how many were reached by each, individual post, and details regarding the visitors’ engagement. By spending time reviewing the information, you will then be made aware of what is working, as well as what may need to change for the betterment of your business.

With over 1.19 billion monthly active users and 728 million daily users, Facebook is a phenomenal tool for marketing your business. Follow the foregoing tips and make the most of your business’s Facebook page.