5 Essential Elements for Your Business Website

By Brooke Tajer on
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 Nowadays, every business – no matter the size – needs a website. While it is likely you already have a decent website set up for your business, in order for it to work as efficiently as it can you should make sure your website contains these impactful features.

Comment Section. Viewers trust reviews. Opposed to 75% in 2012, a striking 85% of online browsers these days read online reviews for local businesses. Along with posting your own reviews through the accompaniment of a site like Yelp or Facebook, clear a space on your site for visitors to leave their remarks. Invite customers – preexisting and new ones – to visit the site and share their thoughts. The more recent the review is, the more of an impact it will have on your business.

Pleasant to the Eye. How does your site visually appear? Is it pleasant and stimulating? Or is it a mess? This is your opportunity to portray your creativity and passion for your business. Use pictures, videos, and constructive syntax to draw in your viewers and create a memorable experience, one that will stand out from the websites of competitors.

Interesting, Fresh Information. Along with being visually appealing, you need to show your customers that you have a lively, outgoing, up-to-date business. Add a blog or a page that displays new or discounted products. Staying current and frequently updating the content on your site will not only deepen your customer’s faith in your company, but it will also boost your website’s search-engine optimization rankings. Keep in mind that Google rewards websites for updating their content.

Social Media Channels. Give your customers the chance to connect with you and your business, as well as the ability to share your information with their own friends and family. Add a “share” button to your page. This will not only make sharing more convenient for your viewers, but it will also enable your business to grow in popularity over vast social media networks, increasing your number of future customers. As different viewers tend to use different social networks, include three to four different avenues to ensure you aren’t missing out on any potential exposure.

E-commerce Convenience. If your business sells products, you need to make those products available for purchase online. While relying on sites like Etsy and Amazon can be beneficial, take it one step further and add online ordering to your business website. By becoming accessible to a worldwide-web full of consumers, your business has a chance for exponential growth and productivity.

Your website is your business’s best and most vocal feature – take care of it and use it wisely.