4 Unusual Tips to Better Your Own Business

By Brooke Tajer on
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 Being an entrepreneur is an unknown business; there are no right or wrong answers and no set guidelines. With a world full of potential routes and possibilities, how do you know if you’re doing things right or not? Maybe it’s time for some new perspective; maybe it’s time to think differently.  The following tips are ideas that you probably have never considered. See if they work for you.

Start Selling by not Selling. Nowadays, no wants to be told what to buy. They don’t even want to feel like you’re trying to sell something to them. Instead of directly promoting your products and services to customers, try inviting them to an event at which your products will be present. Or post articles pertaining to your line of work in some way or another, even if it doesn’t list your business outright. Stay connected to your customers through social media. Simply being present and a part their day-to-day lives will cause them to think of your business first rather than others when choosing to purchase something within your industry.

Ask Outsiders to Help with Insider Problems. Sometimes your business needs an outside perspective. For example, Netflix improved its recommendation system with the aid and suggestions of those who were not employees. In some cases, the most successful solvers of your company’s issues are those who have completely different perspectives as they work in a completely differently industry. Gain some insight with your company’s most secretive and valuable aspects such as patents, development, and competitive advantage techniques by enlisting the services of freelancers. Just make sure to set up strong security terms.

To Grow Your Company, Shrink it. Sometimes you must consolidate your company’s workers. Sometimes you can create more jobs by giving the little ones away. By using labor platforms such as Elance-oDesk to take care of the administrative duties behind each job, your employees will be stripped from the little, time-consuming tasks and thus enabling them to focus on larger, more productive projects.

Knowing which path is the right one is difficult when there simply is not one, right path. So, instead, you must look around, watch, and ask about what has worked for others. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to be just like everyone else either. Though you may gain some great insight from others, make sure to take your own twist on it. Stay original, and try to think differently as often as you can.