3 Ways to Turn Your Ideas Into Action

By Brooke Tajer on
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 People have great ideas every day, it's those that can turn the ideas into actions that have the success. "Unless you take action to implement your ideas, they are little more than wasted potential," Bruce Kasanoff wrote in his LinkedIn blog.

To help you turn your great ideas into actions, Kasanoff recommends you do the following:

1. Keep it simple

Some of the best ideas are the most simple - things like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Kasanoff says if you need three pages to describe your idea and 30 more pages to prove it will work, then is likely won't. So keep it simple and ditch any idea that seems complicated.

2. Be positive

Instead of focusing on ideas meant to punish people, or ideas that have negative connotations, focus on an idea that helps, educates, inspires or excites people.

3. Offer fresh takes on old ideas

"There may be no new ideas under the sun, but there are plenty of fresh ways to use old ideas. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of ways to use wireless devices, digital commerce, and old Seinfeld episodes," Kasanoff writes. So don't get discouraged.

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