3 Tips to Improve Your Small Business Blog Writing

By Brooke Tajer on
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typingNot everyone is a writer. However, even though you may not enjoy or even be great at putting words together, business blogs are essential in maintaining excellent content marketing. So, even though you may have to work just a tad bit harder than the business owner to your left in order to draft a few paragraphs that will interest your customers, the outcome will prove to be well worth the pain. Here are some tips to help you better your writing for your business blog’s sake:

1. Know the Basics.You don’t even have to come up with the most extravagant language to use in your posts – just make sure that you’re adhering to basic English grammar. Though spell check can help take the pressure off most of the time, even that beloved feature can’t fix the general lack of knowledge in proper grammar, meaning knowing the appropriate times to use “your or you’re,” “there, their, or they’re,” and “effect or affect.” The topic you choose to write about won’t even matter if your entire blog is filled with these little yet weighty mistakes. Brush up on your basics, and your writing will immediately be enhanced.

2. Edit. If you’re like the other business bloggers out there who absolutely detest writing, you probably can’t wait to finish your last sentence and call it a day. However, just because you hit the save button for the seemingly last time, that does not mean your article is ready to go. You must edit your pieces. Spelling and grammar checks are vital, and look out for any other typos that the checks may have skipped over. Also, without a read-through beforehand, you may be posting an article with a few random sentences that don’t pertain to the article as a whole and should be eliminated. Sometimes it’s even more effectual to have another member of your team review the writing; an outsider can usually pick up typos that you might not catch since you were staring at the piece for so long. No matter who edits it though, editing must occur before posting.

3. Read. Sometimes the best thing you can do to enhance your writing is not to write, but to read. Take some time to read the newspaper, a magazine, or some successful blogs in order to immerse yourself in some great writing techniques. Pay attention to the ways in which the writer grabs your attention, the way in which he or she forms the sentences in engaging ways, and the use of vocabulary and details throughout the entire piece. In time, you will be able to not only differentiate between poorly written and exceptional writing pieces, but you will also be able to incorporate the tactics into your own business blog writing.

Practice makes perfect, right? So keep writing. Don’t stop just because it takes a little extra effort on your part. The more you try, the more you will succeed, not just in your writing, but in your content marketing and customer growth as well. Writing on a regular, consistent basis will help reduce your fear of the dreadful blank page staring back at you as you attempt to get a few words down.