3 Things Your Ecommerce Site Should Avoid

By Brooke Tajer on
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 While it is fairly easy to set up an ecommerce site, successfully running that site is an entirely different story. With thousands of competitors swarming the web, generating both site traffic and revenue can be difficult. However, by avoiding these three key missteps, your business will be well on its way to productivity.

1. Making Things Difficult. Cluttered websites, not having enough payment options, and the inability for mobile-users to access your page will all cause your customers to turn away. Even little things like low-quality images and poor product descriptions can irritate potential customers enough to make them choose another vender from whom to acquire services. Do whatever you can to make things easy and efficient for your customers.

2. Failing to Target Customers. Customer acquisition is one of the most costly things for an ecommerce site. If you do not have a system for recognizing and targeting specific customer groups, it is time to find one. Start by figuring out which kinds of customers you are trying to reach and what their interests are. You will then be able to market your services at not only a lower cost, but in a much more effective, personalized way as well. Make sure you do not forget about your current, existing customers either. Take advantage of social media channels and personalized emails in an effort to engage and reconnect with customers from the past.

3. Hiding Costs. Nothing irritates a customer more than when their final price suddenly increases at the time of payment. Hidden costs must be eliminated. While there may be extra costs involved for a variety of reasons, make sure you do not try to hide these variables from your customers. It is better to lay them all down up front. Attempting to sneak the costs in will only aggravate your customers and ruin your business’s integrity in their eyes in the process.

In order for your ecommerce site to succeed, you need to know who your customers are, how to reach them, and strive to make the entire process as painless and efficient as possible.