3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Still Use Email Marketing

By Brooke Tajer on
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emailThough there are a variety of new, social media outlets that are now available to be used as marketing techniques, don’t give up on email marketing just quite yet. Believe it or not, email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Twitter and Facebook combined. Take a look at why email should still be used as an effective marketing tool.

1. Emails Generate Familiarity. By sending your customers weekly or monthly business email updates, your name will, in time, become one they become comfortable with. Subsequently, the more comfortable they are with your business, the more they will come to trust your services. Also, customers are more likely to think of your business when considering vendors than other businesses that do not pop up in their inboxes on a frequent basis. The increased and constant exposure to your business through email will cause the recipients to also notice and be drawn to your business when it is mentioned elsewhere.

2. Emails are More Personal. Emails help you to engage with your customers. Rather than just scanning over your business name on a newsfeed, emails draw your customers in straight from their personal inboxes. By coming to them, you are not only taking the initiative to offer them exclusive deals and promotions, but you are also showing them that they matter enough to receive a personalized email from your business. Make sure that the context of your emails pertain to the audience receiving them, and also make a point to include personalized names and products when possible.

3. Increase of Mobile Email. If you haven’t already, ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly. More than half of emails are now viewed via mobile devices, meaning customers are able to take your business information anywhere they go. Your business has the chance to be viewed and brought up in discussions at any point and in any location; take advantage and continue to utilize emails as a marketing source.

The use of email as a marketing tool is by no means outdated. Not only has it stood its ground over the years, but it still remains at the top of the digital food chain, reaching around 2.9 billion people. Continue to reach your customers in ways that they are familiar with and have come to trust – leave room for email in your digital marketing strategy.