2016 CES Review: Wow Might Not Do It Justice

By PayAnywhere on
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CESIt takes a lot to create a buzz in Las Vegas, but when more than 3,800 exhibitors and 170,000 industry professionals come to town for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sin City takes notice in a big way. CES is the premiere stage for new and unreleased tech products, soon to hit the market.

As a PayAnywhere merchant, or just a small-business techie with a penchant for flying robots and other cutting-edge technology, we thought this roundup of buzzworthy 2016 CES gadgets would make you really, really happy (though we won’t take any blame for your impulse buys). Here are some of the coolest things that we thought were going to be available this year:

Ninebot Segway Robot — One of the biggest questions from this year’s show: when will these coveted hoverboard butlers be available for purchase? Bad news: there is no release date as of yet. Good news: Segway plans to bring them to market in the near future. Why are these things so popular? These robots can maneuver; understand voice commands and complete simple tasks with their arms and built-in camera. It is basically all that you could ever want in a best friend. 

Sensorwake alarm clock — Tired of waking up to the buzzing sound of an alarm clock? Rather wake up to a smell of a croissant or espresso? Then the Sensorwake alarm clock is for you. The world’s first olfactory alarm clock uses your sense of smell to wake you up gently and gradually. This makes an especially interesting approach to a traditional alarm because smell is one of the strongest things tied to a person's memory. It also offers a backup alarm for those who are left dreaming about a flaky croissant or strong espresso.

LG Styler — This enclosed unit steams and gently shakes clothes to remove wrinkles and 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria. It steam cleans your garments and eliminates 92 percent of the chemicals that are typically left on clothes after being professionally dry-cleaned. It is a nice new alternative to dry cleaning and will likely be most cost effective in the long run. It also is a more environmently friendly alternative.

Mcor ARKe — 3D printers have been around CES for years, and they continue to improve and amaze at the same time. The Mcor ARKe is aiming to bring full-color 3D printing right to your desk. Currently priced at $5,995 - it might be an ambitious buy for the average consumer, but it gives a glimpse of what’s coming. The main selling point is this device’s ability to print on paper pieces while other 3D printers use resin and plastic in their printed pieces. This ability to print on paper opens up new positibilities for 3D printers. Also now that this technology is available it will hopefully come down in price over time and make it a more reasonable buy for consumers. 

Talon AD7200 Multi-band Wi-Fi RouterTP-Link’s new AD7200 router is one of the first at home networking devices that will use multi-band 802.11AD technology. This unit does use 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands like standard routers, but also offers 60GHz band to deliver three times faster Wi-Fi data.

Click here for more information about the CES 2016 show and get a sneak peek of what to expect in 2017. Check back with us next year for another roundup of the most exciting things that are expected to happen at CES 2017.