2014 Wins Can Help Shape Your Goals for 2015

By Brooke Tajer on
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New Year'sThe next two weeks will be the year’s least productive for many business owners. Most business owners, managers and employees are getting into the holiday spirit. This, however, is also the time for end of year analysis and the establishment of strategies and goals for 2015. Many business owners find this to be the best time to work on the business, refining visions and missions, identifying what didn’t work this year and determining what needs to change for next year.

It can be difficult to focus on these things when festivities are all around you. Take time to make a list of things to celebrate during this season and use those celebrations to shape your goals for next year. Here are five things your celebrations indicate according to Entrepreneur:

  1. Your passion and purpose. When you look back at 2014, which outcomes made you leap for joy? Was it the earnings? What is the impact your business had on consumers? Your passion may not necessarily be your current business. For example, you may provide marketing services, but the most exciting part is helping your clients understand social media. Maybe you need to shift to social media training to increase your satisfaction.
  2. Your impact. We all want to know that we’re making a difference, so you may find that your list reflects the things that gave value to others. Do the things on your list line up with your billings for the year? If not, you have some work to do for next year.
  3. Progress. Review your list of celebrations and ask yourself whether or not you would have been able to accomplish those things five year ago. Could you have done them one or two years ago? This is a great way to see how you have grown and where you need to continue to strive for more.
  4. Potential. Your sweet spot is the items that were easy, but had a great outcome. They are accessible to you, rewarding and provide income.
  5. Source of energy. Which items on your list make you feel like jumping up and down with excitement? Those are the things that fire you up and reenergize you. You need to do more of these things.