11 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Sales

By Brooke Tajer on

Not everybody is a natural born salesperson. If you're an entrepreneur however, whether you like it or not, selling comes with the territory.

Want to get more comfortable with the idea of selling? Today we offer, "11 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Sales" courtesy of Read Write. Recently, they talked with 11 successful entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council to ask them what advice they had for business owners looking to embrace their roles as salespeople. We've compiled their answers in the list below:

1.) Understand Sales

2.) Don't Expect an Immediate "Yes"

3.) Fall in Love with Your Product

4.) Contact the People You Know First

5.) Ask a Lot of Questions

6.) Spend Time Educating

7.) Don't Ignore Small Talk

8.) Be a Consultant, Not a Salesperson

9.) Find a Partner Who Loves to Sell

10.) Be Relatable

11.) Highlight the Features that Help a Particular Client

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